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We are a non-profit martial arts organization called Academia de Esgrima Histórica (AEH) which translates to historical fencing academy. We are located in Portugal and members of the Federação Portuguesa de Esgrima Historica (FPEH) – portuguese federation of historical fencing.
We have around 70 members with several instructors certified by the FPEH. We have 6 clubs located in 6 different cities (Lisboa, Sintra, Caldas da Rainha, Setúbal, Loures e Tomar) and 2 more will open soon.
Our practice focus in Medieval Fencing with self-defense, dagger, longsword, shorsword and longweapons – with shield, armoured and unarmoured – by studying the texts of Fiore di Battaglia by Fiore dei Liberi and the I.33 manuscript.
XVII century Renaissance Fencing with rapier, rapier with dagger and rapier with cape by studying Tratado das lic,oens da espada preta, & destreza que haõ de usar os Iugadores della by Thomas Luiz (Portuguese Fencing book), Gran Simulacro dell’Arte e dell’Uso della Scherma by Ridolfo Capoferro and Trattato di Scienza d’Arme by Camillo Agrippa.

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